Google Voice Accounts

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$ 25
  • 10 Accounts
  • Phone + Mail Verified Accounts
  • 3 Days Replacement Warranty
  • Fast Delivery Within 2-24 Hours


$ 60
  • 23 Accounts
  • Phone + Mail Verified Accounts
  • 3 Days Replacement Warranty
  • Fast Delivery Within 2-24 Hours


$ 100
  • 40 Accounts
  • Phone + Mail Verified Accounts
  • 3 Days Replacement Warranty
  • Fast Delivery Within 2-24 Hours


$ 170
  • 70 Accounts
  • Phone + Mail Verified Accounts
  • 3 Days Replacement Warranty
  • Fast Delivery Within 2-24 Hours

Google voice accounts

It is important to use Google voice accounts if you want the enhancement of your business. Because the services and features of Google voice accounts are more than of all other accounts. Even all other accounts are related to social media apps or email services. These days more than 70% of USA people are using Google voice numbers even they have their own ordinary number. And the people who are related to the social marketing business are using these accounts for their business. Are you thinking that why people use Google voice numbers because they have their own register number? So all business holders are using these accounts because these are totally free and there are unlimited features of such accounts. 

Introduction of Google voice

The service of Google voice is only for Google account users and in the beginning, it was only for USA people. But in 2020, it was spread to a lot of other countries like Canada, Denmark, Spain, France, Sweden as well as England. In Google Voice, users are allowed to use a US phone number and through this, users can make calls, texts, and voicemails. All these services are not useful only for the domestic level, but users can get these facilities for the international level also. In using an ordinary phone number, you cannot call from computer to computer. But this service is available for Google voice users and they can make it possible through using a web portal. Having too many facilities, it is the most famous service of Google from last 5 years. This service was introduced in 2009, but the publicity of this service was started in 2017.

Features of Google voice

There are many features of Google voice and these features are useful for business and personal goals. And due to the features and services of Google voice, the demand for ordinary phone numbers is limited. Because the expenses of the ordinary phone are greater than from Google voice number. Suppose, you want to use Google Voice for the domestic level, then you will get unlimited features of this service without any cost. However, the following are the best features of Google voice those you can gain for all purposes.

International calls

You can make international calls through Google voice number with starting charges of $0.01 per minute. It is too much low that most business personalities buy Google voice numbers for their international purposes. While, if you are a common person and want to use a phone number that has no charges, then you can also purchase Google voice accounts.

Change Google voice number

You can use Google suggested phone number as your Google voice number. However, if you want to change your Google voice number from ordinary to golden number, then you should charge a minimum fee. Because all services of Google voice are not free, there are some charges for some services, but these charges are too low. 
Use your existence phone number as a Google voice
If you are using your phone number for many years and you don’t like to change it, then use your number as Google voice. However, this service is not free, because you are using the portal number for Google voice. However, you can change your Google Voice number when you want. This situation occurs if your phone number is spread on a huge level and it is not easy to change it.

Switch your mobile device

Buy Google voice accounts and get the service of switching your phone during calls. This situation may be possible when the battery of your phone is low and you should talk for a long time. In this situation, you can switch your call from one device to another without disconnecting.

Call recording

You can record all calls even you make it or get it during the call. Duration call, you can record your voice call and also listen to it after disconnecting the call. This is a very useful feature of Google voice because you can record call as much you want. Suppose, all your call duration is 5 minutes, then you can record only 3 minutes without disconnecting your call.
There are some other features of Google voice and all features of Google voice are useable for mobile and computer devices. Because Google voice is using the web-cloud browser, this service is useful for all types of devices.